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Everessence Reformed
Finally finished the photo of Evereesence redone since I grew tired of her old clothes but loved the body type and hair. Lol.
Hope y'all liiiiiike.
Blue Jade Quartz

Name: Blue Jade Quartz
Age: Unknown 
Grown: Home-World 
Eye Color: Neon Blue 
Gem Class: Quartz 
Gem Placement: Outer Right Arm
Alliance: Home-World

-As shown above

-Controls the weather/atmosphere based on mood
-Can summon mist clones of herself
-Excellent long range combat; average close combat
-Has speed and agility with her as well

Fusion Song:
-"Song Of Storms (Zelda Theme Remix)" by Will & Tom
(…)(For Reference)
Fusion Dance:
-She nervously fiddles with her scarf before she starts to fuse with her partner.
But she once she is unnervous she starts to do simple movements like the two step but combined with a few spins or sexy hip movements.

Fighting Style:
-Standard Home-World Self-Defense in Hand-to-Hand Combat
-Dual Revolvers
-Dual Gatling Guns

-Hates interaction with other humans and gems
-Prefers the silence of her surroundings
-Socially Awkward
-Very shy

-Her Diamond
-Being left alone
-Peace and Quiet
-Not being forced to interact with another gems

-Anyone who is not her Diamond
-Social Interaction
-Being cornered/forced into a violent situation
-Loud or Noisy places

She was created on Home-World to serve under Blue Diamond. Her personality was very interesting since she didn't like interacting with other gems; she was the embodiment of social anxiety and awkwardness. Yet, she really liked Blue Diamond, some would say she was in love with her but she could never tell the Diamond since she suffered from her own character flaws. She didn't really care for fighting but if cornered she would fight like a wild animal if i meant she would survive. Words of an impending war spread across Home-World and Blue Jade became uneasy as she remember hearing about the first war between Home-World and the Alloids. She hoped this war would not come. Eventually Pink Diamond was shattered and the first blood was drawn as Home-World was prepared for war. Blue Diamond traveled to Earth to oversee the projects there and gather her loyal Quartz before the Rebels would take either of them. She stayed by her Diamond even as Sapphire betrayed her by fusing with her own Ruby. She would've fought that Rose Quartz but her Diamond had retreated and they withdrew. Blue Diamond hid herself away from the Crystal Gems as the War began.

Blue Diamond fought alongside Yellow, and White Diamond's army; Blue Diamond's army was around her. She fought as tough as she could but eventually she was poofed and when she reformed, much to her horror she found that most of her allies and sisters in arms had been shattered and left on the field to die. The battle had been lost and she retreated back to Home-World. Her anxieties worsening as she went on through the years. She ONLY interacted with her Diamond and Diamond alone. She was content with it until her Diamond told her that she had been chose on a mission to scout the Earth for the Rebels and also recover any allies that still remain. She refused at first, knowing she couldn't handle the mission but Blue Diamond showed that she had faith in her and that alone gave her the courage to do the mission. Blue Jade would not be ready for the slowly growing Crystal Gems army as they attempted to rebuild themselves. She ran across many Corrupted, once Home-World, gems. She was horrified as she realized why they were ordered to retreat.

The Corruption Bomb. So, when she came across Corrupted Gems she poofed and bubbled them before sending them back to Home-World to be uncorrupted by other Quartz who could do it. But as she feared she eventually ran across some Crystal Gems and she was forced to fight them in self-defense as she was badly damaged and almost poofed before she summoned her Gatling guns and managed to make them back away from her enough to get away quickly. She hadn't fulfilled her mission but she would be back to retrieve more allies as she was informed that some Home-World Allies were hiding and awaiting help since they managed to avoid corruption and/or being detained by the Crystal Gems. For her Diamond, she would be back. For now, she got back on her ship and flew away as the Crystal Gems chased her away.

Violet Sapphire
Name: Violet Sapphire
Age: Unknown
Gem Class: Noble
Gem Placement: Left Arm Socket
Hair Color: Violet 
Eye Color: Violet 
Alliance: Home-World

-As shown above

-Future Vision
-Summons Crystallized Blades from any part of her body
-Enhanced Speed/Reflexes

Fighting Style:
-Ballet based mixed with 
Wing Chun(self-defense martial arts)
-Crystallized Arms come from her shoulders and form heavy arms. It can also change form to look like a blade.

Fusion Theme:
-"Forbidden Colours(Instrumental)" by David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto
(…)(For reference) 
Fusion Dance:
Ballerina based style; dances on her tiptoes and spins or flips a few times before fusing


-Green Diamond
-Solving problems without fighting
-Showing her resilience
-Proving that she isn't a defective gem
-Pushing her limits
-Effectively using her future vision

-Failing to show what she is capable
-When something doesn't go as her future vision predicted
-Disappointing/Failing her Diamond
-Being thought of as "weak" or "defective"
-Being compared to other Sapphires
-Being thought of/addressed as just "another sapphire"

Violet Sapphire was an overcooked gem made on Home-World after the Great Gem War and immediately is was noticed how defective she was. She was taller than an average Sapphire, had two eyes instead of one. But. She had no arms upon forming. Many thought she would be shattered as she was defective until she revealed that she like all Sapphires had future vision. Green Diamond claimed her to be in her court as she admired the Violet Sapphire from afar. She had her trained by her favorite Emerald Quartz so that she could be nibble on her feet as well as defend herself in a fight(if needed). Violet Sapphire was a pacifist kind of gem. She hated fighting and only did so in self-defense.

She preferred to be the future eyes of her Diamond; to alert her of future threats or news upcoming so she could have the upper hand in things. She also was patient and strategical as well. She helped try to track down the Crystal Gems and their fellow rebels. As well as other rebels who tried to coup de tat the Diamond Authority. She saved her Diamond's live one time too many but she didn't mind as she was grateful for such a kind and speedy Diamond. At one time she was harassed by an Ocean Jasper and she was forced to fight her as the Commander had provoked her and she learned about another ability; crystallized blades which she could summon from her body; just about anywhere. From then on she learned how to summon them on a constant basis to use as arms.

Violet Sapphire has predicted another Great Gem War coming soon and she fears the Diamonds would not be prepared as their resources are dwindling and their authority was slowly growing weak over time. She saw a Black Demon and a Golden Goddess in the front of the War; leading many once Home-World gems to battle against Yellow Diamond, White Diamond, as well as her own and Blue Diamond. But...she also predicted a new Diamond that Home-World was incubating that would surpass even the Black Demon and Golden Goddess's fusion. A Diamond unspeakable and too strong for even Home-World. It was a gamble White Diamond was willing to make as she and Yellow Diamond wanted to crush the Rebels once and for all. But at what cost....


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